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Welcome to WaterStores.us. We are the industry leaders in the design, building and installation of complete turnkey water stores of all types and sizes. We have built and are suppliers to over 2,000 water systems around the United States and all over the world.

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Water Treatment For Commercial and Industrial Applications

Water Stores.us, specializes in commercial water treatment systems to meet virtually any water purification requirement. Traditional applications for our products include purification of potable water supplies, bottled water production, desalination, industrial process water preparation, and high purity water systems, including hemodialysis systems. Membrane separation is the cornerstone technology used in most Water Stores.us treatment systems. Water Stores.us offers a variety of spiral-wound membrane types to treat fresh, brackish or sea water at virtually any required flow rate. In addition to spiral wound membranes, Water Stores.us offers complete lines of media, cartridge and hollow-fiber filtration, ozonation, disinfection, chemical injection, iron, manganese filters, and ion exchange systems. Water Stores.us is capable of successfully treating virtually any water supply to meet the customer's treated water specifications. This page has a summary of the type of information we typically review as part of project design. Your review and our follow-up discussion regarding these design variables will allow us to get a sense of the three main system design factors: (1) feed water characteristics; (2) desired product water quality; and (3) product water flow rate requirements, in addition to other relevant application-specific information. Your single source online marketplace for consumers and professionals wishing to access information on the latest commercial water treatment and commercial reverse osmosis filters.

Water Stores.us can assist you in all of your water treatment needs. There's no need to go anywhere else. With over 100 years of combined experience in the water treatment business our support team can quickly & accurately answer all of your water filtration questions. Our resources include engineers and water treatment professionals which utilize virtually all known water treatment processes assuring our customers of the most economical, dependable, and environmentally friendly solutions. Our water treatment systems range from light commercial reverse osmosis, largte commercial / industrial operations, iron and manganese filtration, pharmaceutical and medical applications, to membrane cleaners, scale inhibitors, water treatment chemicals and sea water reverse osmosis water purification systems Water Stores.us Business - Water Filters for water stores.

Ordering your residential or commercial water treatment filters has never been easier. We offer complete pricing and detailed information on our whole house water filters and commercial reverse osmosis throughout our website. If you have a specific question before ordering please call toll free 866-969-2837 or e-mail our staff for a fast informative response.